Atlanta’s Growing Job Market


    Now hiring, Atlanta job market booming
    Now hiring, Atlanta job market booming

    By Lindsay Penticuff KNOW Atlanta Magazine

    Reports from Georgia Department of Labor show continued drops in metro Atlanta’s unemployment rate month over month. The most recent date from May indicates that the area’s employment rate declined to 4.6 percent from 4.8 percent in April. The rate in May 2015 was 5.8 percent.

    A report from the  state department states that the decline is a result in employers creating more jobs and laying off fewer workers.

    Since last May, Atlanta has gained 76,600 jobs, a 3% growth rate, up from 2,585,200 in 2015. Most of the job gains came in trade, transportation, and warehousing, 20,300; professional and business services, 16,800; leisure and hospitality, 15,700; education and health services, 9,300; and construction, 7,700.

    Molly Dennis, marketing coordinator with TRC Staffing, says they’ve noticed the job market rapidly expanding. “There are more and more jobs available everyday. With more jobs comes more talent, and more talent creates a competitive job market.”

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    One of the newer positions Dennis says they’ve seen on the market and is high in demand is in the field development and operations. “DevOps didn’t exist six years ago,” she says, “but its turning into one of the fastest-growing skill sets in the country.”

    She added that this area may be growing because technology is in the future. “People need DevOps for Software development, communication, quality assurance and collaboration with team members.”

    According to the DevOps Agile Skills Association, individuals in this field include professionals working in the development and operations area, those involved in IT development, IT operations and IT service engagement, including integration specialists, operations managers, project managers and software testers, just to name a few.

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